photo by    benedict chan

photo by  benedict chan

樸實無華    ·    beauty without splendor    |    關於 · about

Pang's work resembles a journal of his encounters with cities, people and objects narrated across different mediums and contexts. The immediate environment, both material and immaterial, more often than not serve as a direct influence to his creative processes.

Seeking to bridge the distance with my audience, his work discusses the notion of familiarity, which manifests itself through the choice of medium that he use or the subject he choose to portray or address. As tactility is another important aspect of Pang's practice, the act of making work involving physical labour with the medium of choice is an attempt in allowing his hands to grow more intimate with the physical environment. Apart from familiar subjects and materials, one might also notice the distinct use of white in his work. This choice is in line with Pang's approach in allowing the work to serve as a blank canvas for viewers’ thoughts to manifest and also a space to contain his own emotions. It is his hope that you will enjoy the work as much as he enjoy making it.

Pang is also credentialed through ANZATA (The Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association) as a registered art therapist.

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